Sizing Your Cane

There are three ways to measure your body to find the correct size cane.

Height Method

Take your height, divide it by two and then add 1/2”. This will be very close to the size you need. This method doesn’t work for people who are bent over or have misshaped backs. Use one or the other of the next two methods to determine the correct cane size.

Wrist To Floor Method

Measure the distance from your wrist joint to the floor while wearing shoes you normally wear. Hold your arm so it is near your waist in a relaxed way and use a yard stick or a measuring tape to find the height.

Measure The Cane You Already Have

If you have a cane already and are happy with how it feels and works for you, simply measure the one you have. Buy the cane that matches that number. If the cane size you need does not match exactly, get the cane that is 1/2” longer. This will allow you to cut the extra off as required.

Shortening A Cane

A cane can easily be made to fit you. Just about every cane can be shortened but can’t be lengthened. A few of them can be made longer like adjustable canes or some folding canes but this feature is specific to these models.

If you are unsure how much to shorten your cane, do it in two or three steps. Start with a cut close to what you need but possibly too long and then make other cuts as required.

Check Before You Modify

Some canes can’t be sized. A cane will state that it should not be sized on the product page. When you receive a cane that can’t be modified, it will state this on the cane itself.