Support Yourself

Canes should be used from your strong side.

Move the cane with the weak leg at the same time.

Lean weight on the cane to support yourself as needed.

Steady as you go

Go only as fast as you need to. There is no need to hurry.

A foot and a half is about the distance to move the cane with each step.

If you need more support consider crutches or a walker instead of a cane. These walking aids are designed to support more weight and can offer more stability.

Keep In Mind

Your cane should be the correct length to support you. The amount of effort increases when a cane is too long or too short. Your balance will be affected especially when the cane is too short.

Canes that are thin or decorative are not made to support your weight. Please consider other canes to support injuries.


  • A cane will not prevent falling.
  • Use of a cane will help make a person more stable but it is not a guarantee against spills.
  • Always be mindful of the terrain and area in which you are walking.

Make sure your cane fits. Improper length will make it harder to use. Read the Sizing Your Cane section for details.